Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walpole and Sandwich Bay's

A morning visit to Walpole Bay nr Margate in search of Eastern Black Redstart. I arrived at the Palm Beach Cafe around 08:45 and immediately made my way down some steps leading towards the shoreline where i could see 2 birders chatting casually. I approached and asked if the recently reported Eastern Black Redstart had been sighted. It's around here somewhere was the answer! Within a minute the 1st-winter male (form phoenicuroides) Eastern Black Redstart flew in to view and perched on some railings along a slope that led to the beach, it was soon joined by a female Black Redstart. For the next hour I enjoyed some great views of this very confiding bird. One of the birders was the finder Barry Hunt. Apart from the Redstart's I also noted 5 Rock Pipit. Eastern Black Redstart pics below. (as always click on pics to enlarge)

From Walpole Bay I made my way over to Sandwich Bay. I parked up on a grass verge near the beach and stated walking along the shingle ridge. I had walked about 400 meters when I could see a smallish flock of birds on the beach but too far away to identify. The flock was soon disturbed by dog walkers and when they flew i could make out lot's of white. I noted where they landed and made my way towards them. I soon got close enough to see they were Snow Buntings, 19 or 20 in total. As luck would have it the flock flew towards me and over my head. They landed quite close offering really good views before flying over the road to the nearby golf course. They did return again shortly after to allow further views before I made my way home.

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