Monday, 3 December 2012

Striking Blackbird

Jim a colleague of my birding pal Paul Frost found this unusually marked Blackbird. It was around the car park area of Holmers Farm recreation ground, Buckmaster Road, High Wycombe. Paul headed over and took the pics below.


  1. What a brilliant looking bird! I bet that's caused quite a few moments of excitement :) I'm interested to see this individual has white claws and very pale toes, as I ringed a Blackbird a few weeks ago in north Herts showing the same features, but no other obvious signs of albinism/leucism

  2. A brilliant looking bird indeed! I've added the location to my posting. A shame I can't get out to see it myself, maybe at the weekend. Lots of Blackbirds around this winter?

  3. There do seem to be quite a few more about this year. This is only my second winter as a trainee ringer so I can only draw on last year but it does seem to me that we're ringing a lot more blackbirds already this winter. we also seem to be getting at least one "stockamsel" candidate most ringing sessions lately.