Sunday, 16 December 2012

GND at Hillfield

This afternoon whilst watching the footie on tv I took a call from Brendan with news of a Great Northern Diver at Hillfield Reservoir. I prized my self away from the sofa, called round for Brendan and we headed over to Hillfield. Now entry to Hillfield is a bit complicated but there is access to a viewing platform near to Elstree Aerodrome. After a traipse across hertfordshire's muddiest field we reached the viewing platform. Part of the reservoir is not visible from the platform and we could not locate the Diver. However, there were a few birders on the opposite bank who were looking into the area we couldn't see. We recognised a couple of the birders and Brendan made a call to Derek. He confirmed the Diver would not be viewable from where we were. We were debating whether to try viewing from the footbridge over the M1 when Brendan reveived a call. As he was talking I noticed what I thought was the diver in flight. This was confirmed on the phone by Derek. Brendan could not get on the bird and for a few moments it looked like the Diver had departed. It then flew right above us, circled the reservoir and landed in the middle. We were able to get good scope views as it dived continuously (as divers do!). Another birder joined us and was relieved when we put him straight on the bird.

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