Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hairbrained Scheme

Brendan had the bright idea of driving to Aberedeen to look for a Black Scoter. The plan is to leave at 21:00 tomorrow evening and drive through the night arriving at the Ythan estuary early on saturday morning. Despite a less than favourable weather forecast and the fact the Black Scoter has not been seen since monday, both Dave and myself have agreed to go. I think I am more attracted by the lunacy of the trip rather than the chance of seeing a distant sea duck with an apricot on it's beak. Anyway, I will post update's as often as I can.

Update: Black Scoter seen this evening along with 3 Surf Scoters.


  1. Aye- you are fast becoming a hard-core twitcher! Hope you get to see it after putting in that much effort!

  2. Good luck with your quest,forecast terrible in NW England for today though!