Sunday, 16 September 2012

Craking in my boots

Today I will be mostly wearing Caterpillar.

After yesterdays success at Rainham I headed up to Northamptonshire this morning. Stanwick Lakes was my destination and the target bird Spotted Crake. I arrived at the lakes just after 07:00 and made my way to the pool where the Spotted Crake had been reported. I was the first birder on site but was soon joined by several others. One local birder confirmed we were looking in the right place. Then another birder alerted us to what he thought was the bird but it had disappeared into the reeds. This was in a totally different area of the reed bed. After some discussion with the other birders on site we decided to split into two groups, one group viewing the original area and the other where the latest sighting had been. After a couple of minutes the birder who originally thought he had seen the Crake called it again. We all scanned the edge of the reed bed and sure enough there it was. One local birder said he had seen the bird on at least 6 previous occasions and all in the same spot and never where it was now showing.
The Spotted Crake showed well for a few minutes then went into the reeds. After a few minutes it showed well again for another few minutes before going back into the reeds. I was aware that an escaped Sacred Ibis was on a nearby lake so I had a quick view of this bird before heading back to my car. On the way to my car I passed the pool where I had seen the Spotted Crake. I stopped and had a quick scan immediately connecting with the Spotted Crake showing well at the foot of the reeds.

From Northamptonshire I headed across country to Cambridgeshire and the RSPB Ouse Washes Reserve. Here I had distant views of a Great White Egret from the Kingfisher hide.

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