Saturday, 13 October 2012

Birding Break

A weeks birding staying in South Norfolk with Paul, Brendan and Tony.

First up was a couple of hours sea-watching and then a walk in the north and south dunes at Winterton. A decent start to our day with the most notable sightings as follows; Red-throated Diver, Guillemot, Razorbill, Common Scoter, Eider, Common Gull, Little Gull, Sandwich Tern, Mediterranean Gull, Willow Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, House Martin.

Next stop was Horsey Track where the best we could manage was Pink-footed Goose, Sparrowhawk, Goldcrest, Redwing and Buzzard.

Horsey Strait; Marsh Harrier.

Corton; Long-tailed Tit flock!

Ness Point; Red-throated Diver, Turnstone.

A slow start with 58 species encountered. Full list below in no particular order.

1.Mute Swan, Horsey.
2. Pink-footed Goose, Horsey.
3. Brent Goose, Winterton.
4. Gadwall, Winterton.
5. Teal, Winterton.
6. Mallard, Horsey.
7. Eider, Winterton.
8. Common Scoter, Winterton.
9.Pheasant, Winterton.
10. Red-throated Diver.
11. Gannet, Winterton.
12. Cormorant, Winterton.
13. Grey Heron, Winterton.
14. Marsh Harrier, Horsey.
15. Sparrowhawk, Winterton.
16. Buzzard, Horsey.
17. Kestrel, Winterton.
18. Turnstone, Ness Point.
19. Black-headed Gull, Winterton.
20. Little Gull, Winterton.
21. Mediterranean Gull, Winterton.
22. Common Gull, Winterton.
23. Herring Gull, Winterton.
24. Great Black-backed Gull, Winterton.
25. Sandwich Tern, Winterton.
26. Guillemot, Winterton.
27. Razorbill, Winterton.
28. Wood Pigeon, Winterton.
29. Collared Dove, Winterton.
30. Great-spotted Woodpecker, Winterton.
31. Skylark, Winterton.
32. House Martin, Winterton.
33. Meadow Pipit, Winterton.
34. Pied Wagtail, Winterton.
35. Wren, Winterton.
36. Dunnock, Winterton.
37. Robin, Winterton.
38. Blackbird, Winterton.
39. Song Thrush, Corton.
40. Redwing, Horsey.
41. Mistle Thrush, Winterton.
42. Lesser Whitethroat, Winterton.
43. Willow Warbler, Winterton.
44. Goldcrest, Winterton.
45. Long-tailed Tit, Winterton.
46. Blue Tit, Winterton.
47. Great Tit, Winterton.
48. Jay, Winterton.
49. Magpie, Winterton.
50. Jackdaw, Winterton.
51. Rook, Scratby.
52. Carrion Crow, Winterton.
53. Starling, Winterton.
54. House Sparrow, Winterton.
55. Chaffinch, Winterton.
56. Greenfinch, Winterton.
57. Goldfinch, Winterton.
58. Linnet, Winterton.
Red-throated Diver at Ness Point

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