Friday, 8 March 2013

It rained today. All day!

A day off work so an opportunity for some birding. One big drawback though. Rain was forecast all day.  So where could I go in such miserable weather. Thursley common in search of displaying Woodlark? I was there with Paul on saturday, it was raining and no sign of Woodlark. So it was more in hope than expectation that I travelled over to Thursley Common in Surrey. No cars in the car park, nobody else as stupid as me on the common in this weather! A walk along the boardwalk towards "Shrike Hill". A singing Stonechat braving the mist and drizzle was a pleasant surprise. Then I noticed a small slightly bedraggled bird perched in a dead fallen tree. On closer inspection it was my target bird a Woodlark. I spent about an hour in this general area and saw up to 8 Woodlark, 2 of which performed their display flight.
Time to head back towards home now to avoid friday afternoon m25 traffic. On the way back I called in at Maple Lodge. Of course it was still raining but a Water Rail from the viewing screen and Green Sandpiper from the Rotunda Hide brightened things up.
Usual standard pics below. This time it was the rains fault. Woodlark at Thursley Common. Water Rail and Green Sandpiper at Maple Lodge.

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