Sunday, 28 April 2013


A mid morning trip to Amwell with Brendan. We were hoping to see the recently reported Pied Flycatcher and Wood Warbler. After parking the car we made our way towards the watchpoint. We spoke to several birders along the way. They all said both birds had been showing well. We walked from the viewpoint for about a hundred yards and after a short search we connected with our first target a Wood Warbler. A few yards further on a Grasshopper Warbler was reeling but did not show. Then about fifty yards further along the footpath we stopped where a group of birders had assembled. They had all seen the Pied Flycatcher but it had not been seen about ten minutes. Whilst waiting for the Pied Flycatcher to re-appear we saw two Treecreepers. The birders said the Pied Flycatcher had been chased off to our right hand side. However, after waiting for about fifteen minutes the Pied Flycatcher flew into a tall sycamore from our left hand side and showed quite well. A fair crowd of birders and non birders had gathered and we were able to let the non birders see the Pied Flycatcher through Brendan's scope.
From Amwell we battled through some fairly heavy traffic over to Fishers Green. Nightingale our target here. Although we heard two birds, one at very close range none of them showed.
Another disappointment here no ice cream van!
Whilst Brendan and myself were at Amwell, our birding pal Paul Frost was at Pennington enjoying a Golden Oriole. He managed to capture the images below.

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