Sunday, 16 June 2013

Birds 2 Hapless Twitchers 0

Saturday 15/06/2013.
American Golden Plover in East Sussex and Black Kite in Kent were the target birds for myself, Paul and Ephraim. First stop was Cuckmere Haven, where the Amercan Golden Plover appeared to have done a Friday night flit. So not too much time was spent here and we headed off to Selling in Kent. A couple of miles from the site the news services reported the Black Kite and also a Honey Buzzard. So things were looking good. Also a Pacific Swift was reported in Suffolk so we discussed the possibility of going for this if we connected fairly quickly with the Black Kite. Well we spent 5 hours on site and no sign of the Kite. A pair of Hobbies did do their best to entertain us. We probably still had time to get to Suffolk but the news services reported the road where we were going to park being closed and police on scene issuing tickets, so we headed for home.

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