Saturday, 1 February 2014

Scotsbridge/Stockers/Troy Mill

First stop Scotsbridge Mill near Rickmansworth. No Grey Wagtail but birds of interest; Herring Gull, Ring-necked Parakeet, Little Egret, Green Sandpiper, Red Kite. At one stage the Green Sandpiper was being chased by a Magpie. At Scotsbridge I bumped into Geoff Chapstick he declined my offer of a lift to Stockers as he was keen to use his bus pass.
The walk along the track towards Stockers Farm was eventful as a runaway horse headed straight for me. A young girl was in hot pursuit and for a split second I did think of trying to halt the horses progress. Then common sense and fear intervened and I got out of its way! Thankfully it stopped near the pumping station where horse and rider where re-united.
At Stockers Lake lots of flooding and a couple of trees down. No Grey Wagtail near the lock keepers cottage. Goldcrest and Red-crested Pochard (9) were additions to my year list. I met Paul and a quick chat with Geoff Lapwing and Tony H before a brief visit to Troy Mill. As at Stockers heavy flooding at Troy Mill meant very limited access, only a Kingfisher of note here.

Paul's Kingfisher at Broadwater below

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