Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stint and Splint

Tues May 20th 2014.
A lunchtime visit to see the 2 Temminck's Stint at Tyttenhanger. A handful of birders were there when I arrived and the Temminck's Stints were showing well on the main spit. I had work to do so I couldn't stay long. On my walk back to the car park a cyclist had fallen from his bike and was lying on the gravel path. His leg or ankle were obviously broken. A birder coming in the other direction was on the phone to the emergency services and a lady jogger appeared on the scene. As there were two people with the unfortunate cyclist I decided to wait nearer the entrance to the gravel pits so I could give the emergency services directions. After a few minutes a paramedic arrived, so I flagged him down and gave him some directions. I was running late so I left for work. Later via twitter I learned that the air ambulance also attended the injured cyclist.
Temminck's Stint pic below. Poor even by my low standards.

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