Monday, 16 February 2015

Little Bunting in Ashdown Forest

A trip to Old Lodge NR in the heart of the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex.
Paul was in the driving seat for this trip so we made good time. On route we passed the Gills Lap car park which brought make some nice memories of the Short-toed Eagle I had the pleasure of seeing there on 21st June 2014. One or two birders were already on site but no sign of the Little Bunting. A Woodlark showed well on some telegraph wires and many more were singing. We hung around for about 4 hours and many birders came and went but no sign of the Little Bunting. We had just about given up when a considerate local birder hurried up to us to inform us the he had found the Little Bunting. It was about 500 yards from where we were. Twitchy walk time and we arrived at the Little Buntings location, however, it was not showing. We waited for about an hour and it did finally show itself, found by a birder who had only just arrived! It was perched in the branches of a fallen tree and showed quite well although the light was  poor. I had the bird in my scope and was able to get some birders and non-birders on to the Little Bunting. A dozen or so people had assembled and all got to see the bird. After a few minutes it flew off which we took as our cue to leave. On the way back to the car park 5 Konik ponies that live on the reserve were nice to see. Sorry about the Woodlark pic below!

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