Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sussex Success

An afternoon trip to Sussex with Paul, Brendan and Ephraim.
Our first stop was Princes Park in Eastbourne. Here we soon connected with the Bonaparte's Gull. It offered good views as it associated with numerous Black-headed Gulls on Crumbles Pond. We enjoyed the gull for some time and then headed off to St Leonards Churchyard, Seaford. We had hoped to see a Black Redstart but a search of the churchyard produced nothing. Southease was our next destination. We were hoping to see a Dark-breasted Barn Owl. Shortly after arriving south east of Southease Station we saw a Barn Owl of the usual persuasion! Then soon after that the Dark-breasted version showed itself. It showed well for nearly an hour as it quartered the fields. Sometimes showing down to 10 meters. Best of all it perched briefly on a fencepost right in front of where Brendan and I were standing. I quickly got my camera from my bag and rattled off a few shots. We saw three Barn Owls here including the Dark-breasted. Also Peregrine, Common Buzzard and Little Grebe (2).  Ephraim's account of todays trip can be found here
Pics below; Bonaparte's Gull on Crumble Pond, Dark-breasted Barn Owl at Southease. 


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  1. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Great captures. That owl is fantastic!