Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mind the Cloth Moth

I spent about 45 minutes before work today at Long Valley Wood which is on the opposite side of the Grand Union canal at Croxley Common Moor. I read somewhere that Purple Hairstreak can be found here. No luck with the Hairstreaks but a good few butterflies were on the wing; Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood all in or around the wood and Common Blue and Meadow Brown on the moor. Also noted from the canal towpath a Silver Y moth kindly identified by Samuel P.
Silver Y moth-Grand Union Canal at Croxley Common Moor


  1. Got yourself a Silver Y moth! It's quite often a daytime as well as night flying moth and gets its name from the Y shaped mark on the forewing. Often seen feeding on thistles. I've been meaning to ID your other dragonfly species but I'm still a novice on those unfortunately. I could post your unIDed dragonfly pics on iSpot (an identification website for wildlife) if you like?

  2. Dankeschön for the id Samuel by all means post on iSpot

  3. Cool! Will reply when I get the rest IDed