Sunday, 18 August 2013

not quite Dan Petrescu

Crystal Palace v Spurs was on the tv so I decided to have a walk around the fields near my house. A fairly quiet walk with very few birds. The more notable being; Sparrowhawk, House Martin, Swallow, Linnet. Slightly better on the butterfly front with lots of "Whites" on the wing. Also; Peacock, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Small Copper.
A very nice lady jogger in lycra alerted me to an escaped Budgerigar, so I went and had a look and sure enough there was a female Budgie. I thought about trying to catch it but I was over a mile from home and was concerned about it's safety if I carried it that distance. So I decided to have a walk around the nearby Toms Lane to see if I could see anyone searching for their lost pet. Nobody was around so I headed for home. Still unsure if I could have done any more for the lost Budgie.
Small Copper and Budgie pic below.

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