Sunday, 12 January 2014

Grey Day at Hove and Shoreham

I set off for Hove just after 12:00 midday. Quite cold but bright sunshine in Hertfordshire when I left. However, the nearer I got to Hove the more overcast and gloomy it became. On arrival I found somewhere to park for free and made my way over to the kiddies paddling pool. There was only one other birder at the pool but luckily the Grey Phalarope was still on the shallow pool. The light was awful, really dark and dismal but not raining, quite windy too. I enjoyed the Phalarope for about 45 minutes and did my best to answer some of the locals questions. Apparently this bird had made the local paper. As it was so cold, wet and windy I decided not to lie on the ground to take photo's but instead took some from the "wood look" plastic bench.
Then off to Shoreham in the hope of Glaucous Gull. No luck with the Gull, just singles of Rock Pipit and Purple Sandpiper of real interest here.
Some Phalarope and Purple Sandpiper images below. If you want to see better images of the Phalarope try Ephraim's blog here

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