Friday, 27 June 2014

Chobham Woodcock and Nightjar

Thursday 26/06/2014.
An evening visit to Chobham Common with Paul, Samuel and Ephraim. Our target birds, Nightjar and Woodcock. It was raining all the way to Chobham but soon after we arrived it had all but stopped, not ideal for our intended targets but we made our way up onto the common anyway. Fairly soon we heard a Woodcock and connected with it in flight. Then our first Nightjar churring and then seen perched in a Silver Birch. Not long on the common and both our target birds. A good start given the weather conditions. We stayed in area where we always have success with both Woodcock and Nightjar. Over the next hour or so we heard many and saw about 6 of each species. The highlight being 3 Nightjar flying quite close to where we were standing. On the way back to the car park 2 Gloworms were a nice finish to our evening.

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