Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rosy and Red

Saturday 28th June 2014.
Suffolk, Norfolk and the Brecks with Paul and Ephraim. First stop was Lowestoft and hopefully a Rose-coloured Starling. It did play hardball for a few minutes but was located asleep and not showing at all well in a fir tree. After sometime it woke up and showed for us. First of all on the side of the tree it had been sleeping in and then after disappearing for a short while it re-appeared in the same fir tree but viewed from just around the corner. We enjoyed some nice views but rba reported a Red-backed Shrike at Winterton, in the North Dunes. Although we were enjoying the Rose-coloured Starling's company we decided to head off to Winterton. On route no further news of the Shrike and only reported on rba put some doubt in our minds. On arrival at Winterton-on-Sea we made our way to the tallest dunes near the "toad pools" and after a bit of searching and with some help from another birder we connected with the female Red-backed Shrike. Weather was really overcast and we did get some light rain at times but still some nice views of the Shrike were had. So where to go next? We came up with Strumpshaw Fen, more in hope than expectation of connecting with a Swallowtail butterfly. We of course failed dismally, a bit too late in the year and not good weather conditions either. However there was some kind of "family day" on at the reserve and lots of activities going on. One volunteer had set up a moth trap overnight and had a nice selection of Hawk Moths for us to look at. A wander around the reserve produced a few butterflies and a couple of orchids but of course no Swallowtails. We visited the Fen hide where up to 6 Marsh Harrier put on a good show and a Hobby hunting low over the water and reedbed was nice to see. As we neared the end of our circuit of the reserve a rather late Cuckoo was heard and the seen perched distantly in a dead tree. Time to head for home now but one more stop, this time in the Brecks and hopefully Stone Curlew. Most of the journey to the Brecks was in torrential rain but lucky for us it had all but stopped by the time we arrived. A decent stop it was too as we connected with 8 Stone Curlew (4 adult and 4 juvenile). We could also hear several calling. Time to head home now. Many thanks to Paul for driving (again!) and to Ephraim for the chocolate and refraining from telling us his terrible jokes. Some pics below.


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