Sunday, 5 April 2015

Lesser Pecker then a Spot of Falconry at Woodoaks

Yesterday a Lesser spotted woodpecker was reported at Withey Beds LNR near Rickmansworth. I decided to pay an early morning visit to see if I could connect with the lesser pecker. I arrived about ten past seven. A pair of Green Woodpecker were the first birds of note. Then three Snipe flushed from the boardwalk. I did a quick circuit but no sight or sound of Lesser spotted woodpecker, I stood on the boardwalk at a reasonable distance from the tree Tony H and Geof L had seen the lesser pecker visit yesterday. A pair of Great spotted woodpecker visited the tree and a pair of nest building Treecreeper nearby were nice to see. After about an hour I texted Paul to see what he was up to and he joined me at the Withey Beds about half an hour later. Soon after Paul arrived we were stood chatting when much to our delight a Lesser spotted woodpecker flew in to the tree we were staking out. It began drumming and showed well for about ten minutes. Next we decided to head over to Woodoaks Farm to see if we could find Little Owl. Near to the entrance we heard a Water Rail squealing and then Geof L arrived. A quick chat with Geof and off to Woodoaks. At Woodoaks our plans to look for Little Owl were put on hold as Lee a local falconer was getting his Gyr/Saker hybrid from his van. We spent some time watching Lee fly his falcon and managed a few photo's.

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