Monday, 20 April 2015

Woodoaks Farm

Weds 15th April 2015
I was planning to look for Corn Bunting at West Hyde but major road works to the entrance of the new gravel workings meant no room to park. Woodoaks Farm is just along the road so I decided to pay it a visit. As I walked along the entrance road I noticed 2 "big lens" boys at the dung heap. My first thoughts were that they might have a Wheatear. I kept checking the dung heap but I couldn't see anything on it. As I got closer I recognised the "big lens" boys as cam/wheelbarrow Geoff and Dale A. They seemed to be looking at something near the dung heap but on the ground. On closer inspection I could see a nice bright Yellow Wagtail. I could also see walking towards the dung heap from the opposite direction a lady dog walker. I walked quickly to join Geoff and Dale beating the dog walker by a considerable margin! However, bad luck with the Yellow Wagtail as it had flown shortly after I had seen it. I bit of a chat with the lads and then over to the Old Orchard to look for Little Owl. One Little Owl was in it's old usual tree and then as I was leaving another appeared and then flew towards the farm buildings.

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