Tuesday, 1 January 2013

GWE at Chenies

Local birding to kick off the New Year with Paul and Brendan. First stop was Chenies where we eventually connected with the long staying Great-white Egret. Rather frustratingly we heard a small flock of Crossbills in the nearby Baldwins Wood but could not connect with them. We then moved on to a few other local sites. A list of species and sites below.
1  Mute Swan  Chenies
2  Little Grebe  Chenies
3  Little Egret  Chenies
4  Great White Egret  Chenies
5  Red Kite  Chenies
6  Woodpigeon  Chenies
7  Wren  Chenies
8  Dunnock  Chenies
9  Robin  Chenies
10  Blackbird  Chenies
11  Song Thrush  Chenies
12  Goldcrest  Chenies
13  Blue Tit  Chenies
14  Great Tit  Chenies
15  Magpie  Chenies
16  Jackdaw  Chenies
17  Carrion Crow  Chenies
18  Chaffinch  Chenies
19  Goldfinch  Chenies
20  Common Crossbill  Chenies (heard only)
21  Wigeon  Stockers Farm
22  Gadwall  Stockers Farm
23  Shoveler  Stockers Farm
24  Little Owl  Stockers Farm
25  Meadow Pipit  Stockers Farm
26  Pied Wagtail  Stockers Farm
27  Fieldfare  Stockers Farm
28  Mistle Thrush  Stockers Farm
29  Starling  Stockers Farm
30  House Sparrow  Stockers Farm
31  Canada Goose  Stockers Lake
32  Mallard  Stockers Lake
33  Pochard  Stockers Lake
34  Tufted Duck  Stockers Lake
35  Goldeneye  Stockers Lake
36  Pheasant  Stockers Lake
37  Cormorant  Stockers Lake
38  Grey Heron  Stockers Lake
39  Sparrowhawk  Stockers Lake
40  Lapwing  Stockers Lake
41  Common Gull  Stockers Lake
42  Lesser Black-backed Gull  Stockers Lake
43  Ring-necked Parakeet  Stockers Lake
44  Kingfisher  Stockers Lake
45  Long-tailed Tit  Stockers Lake
46  Nuthatch  Stockers Lake
47  Goosander  Inns Lake
48  Great Crested Grebe  Bury Lake
49  Coot  Bury Lake
50  Black-headed Gull  Bury Lake
51  Greylag Goose  Lynsters Farm
52  Egyptian Goose  Lynsters Farm
53  Buzzard  Lynsters Farm
54  Kestrel  Lynsters Farm
55  Moorhen  Lynsters Farm
56  Stock Dove  Lynsters Farm
57  Collared Dove  Maple Lodge
58  Green Woodpecker  Maple Lodge
59  Herring Gull  Woodoaks Farm
60 Great Spotted Woodpecker Chenies

To start the New Year my top quality pics below; Ring-necked Parakeet and Goldeneye at Stockers. Paul's better quality pics; Great-spotted Woodpecker and Sparrowhawk again at Stockers.



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