Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bite Night

Sat 11th July 2015
A trip to Chobham Common with Paul and Brendan. We were hoping to see Woodcock and Nightjar but on this occasion Woodcock failed to show. We stood in our usual position waiting for the Nightjars to start churring but as the light failed a male Nightjar showed briefly. Then one. two or maybe three Nightjar started churring. After a few minutes a female put on a good show flying quite close to us before perching briefly in a small birch. Then a few minutes later possibly the same Nightjar circled us and on a couple of occasions hovered in front of us as if it was giving us the "once over". Pitch black now so time to leave, further along the footpath we managed to see another Nightjar. The midges here tonight were fierce, I've still got the lumps and bumps on my baldy head over a week later. Well worth it though!

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