Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Greater Yellowlegs at Titchfield Haven

B/h Mon 25th May 2015.
A days birding with Dave and Brendan. Our plan was to go to Southampton and hopefully see Bonaparte's Gull and hopefully there would be news of Greater Yellowlegs. Over 2 hours at Bonaparte's Gull site with no joy and also no news on Greater Yellowlegs. We decided to go to Acre's Down for a few woodland species. On arrival at Acre's Down we soon connected with a singing Redstart high in a Beech Tree. Then news broke of the Greater Yellowlegs so off to Titchfield Haven we rushed. We started at the far north end of the reserve but missed the Greater Yellowlegs by about 5 minutes. Off to the seaward end of the reserve and we struck lucky here. Heading towards the visitor centre when a birder called us over, the Greater Yellowlegs had just flown onto the pool close to the roadside. Which was nice!

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