Saturday, 23 May 2015

May 20th Cairngorm then Aberdeen

An early start with half an hour at the screen on Tulloch Moor. A couple of Black Grouse calling but none showed themselves. A walk along the track opposite and an Osprey holding a fish went over. Tree Pipit and Spotted Flycatcher were also seen. A trek up Cairngorm was next on the agenda. I stopped at the lower car park and a Red Grouse and 3 Ring Ouzel were seen here. Then the trek up the main path that roughly follows the route of the funicular. A Wheatear, Ring Ouzel and 3 Red Grouse were seen.  After about 45 minutes I reached an area just below the snowline. My luck was in as I soon connected with a Ptarmigan. A bit distant but decent views. I sat down on a grassy bank for a rest and a Kit-Kat. Then even better luck as the Ptarmigan flew closer and closer and landed on the fence just a few yards from where I was sitting. Unfortunately it was facing away from me so only good views of it's back end. I walked slowly past and the bird stayed where it was. I took a few photo's and then the bird flew back in the direction it had come from. I started walking back down the track and after about five minutes I saw another Ptarmigan and this one did a similar thing, perching up on a fence. Quite a distance from where I was so I didn't go back up the track. Back down the track on a stream near to the visitors centre was a Grey Wagtail. Back at the car and the news I had been waiting for. The Harlequin Duck was still in Aberdeen. Over to Aberdeen I went and after spending some time on the wrong bridge I managed to find the right bridge and head along the riverside track towards the "Big Wheels". From there the Harlequin Duck was showing well, constantly diving in the middle of the river. I had thought about going to Ythan Estuary for King Eider but I was keen to get back to Aviemore for battered haggis and chips!


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