Sunday, 22 December 2013

Drogba and Kalou

Sat 21st Dec 2013.
A trip to Patrington Haven with Brendan, Dave and Samuel P.
Pouring rain nearly all the way to Yorkshire didn't make driving much fun but the roads were fairly quiet and we made good time. We arrived just after ten and parked sensibly near Outstray Farm,then a route march towards the pumping station. The younger two (Dave and Samuel) left the older two (me and Brendan) trailing behind. The Ivory Gull had had it's fill of fish and had flown into the estuary where it was perched on a small ridge. It was at a range of about 500 metres and constantly preening. The Ivory Gull did occasionally fly but only a few metres, then it settled and continued preening. A fly through Merlin provided some entertainment whilst watching the distant gull. After about an hour and three quarters of viewing the Ivory Gull it did the decent thing and got up and flew towards us, it did a couple of circuits of the pumping station before landing. We watched as it first drank from a puddle then had a taste of the most rotten fish on offer, then another drink before feasting on the freshest fish. Then up and off back out to the estuary. We left the Gull and headed off to Hornsea Mere. At Hornsea Mere we first connected with a distant Great White Egret but then we saw a Grey Phalarope flying straight towards us. It landed really close, did a few spins and then off towards the point. Time for home now and as we walked back to the car two Great White Egret in flight was nice to see.


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