Saturday, 14 December 2013

Lucky Severn-Life's a Beach-Just Deserts...........

A trip to Gloucestershire with Paul.
A Desert Wheatear at Severn Beach was our target bird for the day. We parked up in Beach Road and made our way towards a small electricity sub-station. Almost immediately we connected with our target bird. The Desert Wheatear performed really well for the large group of appreciative birders. We stayed for over an hour enjoying "crippling" views, in fact it was too close at times for the "big lens" boys!
Then staying in Gloucestershire but via Wales, we headed over to Brierley. On our walk towards Serridge Ridge, a road kill Wild Boar was not nice to see. On arrival at the ridge we heard a small flock of Crossbills fly over but they did not stop. Then another noisy flock of Crossbills flew over and this time they stopped briefly in the top of some Larches. I could only get decent views of 2 of the birds. One was a female Common Crossbill but luckily for me the other bird was a male Two-barred Crossbill. It showed well for just a couple of seconds before flying off, giving it's distinctive "trumpet call" as it went.
Look away now if you don't like Desert Wheatear pics.

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